Huge Miss As French Star Surprisingly ‘Will Not Play’ At 2023 World Cup

Huge Miss As French Star Surprisingly ‘Will Not Play’ At 2023 World Cup

Wendie Renard, France’s national captain, will not play at the 2023 World Cup to ‘preserve her mental health’.

While Renard isn’t expected to permanently withdraw from international football, she has confirmed she will not be present at the upcoming World Cup.

In a post on Twitter where she explained her decision, Renard wrote [translated from French]: I wore the blue, white and red jersey 142 times with passion, respect, commitment and professionalism. I love France more than anything. I’m not perfect, far from it, but I can no longer endorse the current system, far from the requirements required by the highest level.

“It is a sad but necessary day to preserve my mental health. It is with a heavy heart that I write this message to inform you of my decision to take a step back from the French team. Unfortunately, I will not play in this World Cup in such conditions.

“My face can hide the pain, but my heart hurts and I don’t want to hurt anymore. Thank you for your support and respect for my decision.”

Renard is one of France’s most capped players in history, with 142 appearances for Les Bleus and 34 goals – a very impressive scoring tally, considering she plays at centre back.

The French international does not seem like she wants to play in another country but who knows could this be a sign that a WSL team will swoop in to offer Renard a 7 times Champions League winner, a contract she can’t refuse and the experience of playing in England might be appealing to her.

Wendie Renard is one of women’s football’s greatest one-club players – she has made 276 appearances for Lyon, with her first coming all the way back in 2006. But could the French star be lured to play in the WSL? Surely the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and West Ham would all be interested in signing her should she become available.

For now we wish the legendary French international superstar the best in her personal life and that she gets the required rest and time out which she clearly needs.